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Nikki Stitch! started in 2008 as a way for a stay at home mom to make a little spending money. Stacks of crocheted pieces were being packed into tubs and unloaded to the public at local craft fairs and farmers markets. All along I was learning and advancing in my craft, turning to knitting and starting to play with fibers. I bought a little spindle and joined a spinning group at my local yarn shop. Those experienced and patient women taught me a little technique and praised my ugly yarn. My impatience and determination to make yarn faster lead me to buy a spinning wheel and bred a new passion. I began visiting sheep farms and fiber mills. I learned to process my own fiber and then dye it, filling my crawl space with fifty gallon trash bags of merino wool, alpaca, and llama. After I could no longer find another nook or cranny for bags of yarn, wool, or knitting notions I moved my textile business downtown. I gave myself a get-away space to create, imagine, and produce.

I have had a studio at the Cottonwood Center for the Arts for over five years now and couldn’t have immersed myself into a better community of like-minded artists. I have found an amazing, supportive, and innovative home for my textiles and art. I feel that my work is always flowing into a new idea or concept and that Cottonwood supports and houses my thoughts and actions with pride, praise and acceptance. I’ve quadrupled my studio space as of January 2018 and now have a place to enjoy my four lovely spinning wheels with room to teach.

In August of 2017, I added “vintage” to my business card. I’ve always had a deep love for the funky, vintage, retro, and antique. I’ve personally collected for all of my life, adoring trinkets, cameras, records, and especially clothing and fashion. I had been an amateur vintage curator for so many years that I started shopping for a home for another small business idea. It didn’t take long for me to fall in love with Sweet Williams Antique Mall’s authentic and welcoming atmosphere. I quickly called dibs on an upcoming emptying space and moved in a few months later. Having a vintage business has been so good for my soul. Finding, restoring, and researching memories and pieces from the past is a calling and a part of me that I can’t ignore. My favorite things to come across are items from our local Colorado Springs history.

Currently, my textile art is displayed at The Cottonwood Center for the Arts.

Where you can find Nikki Stitch!:

The Cottonwood Center for the Arts– 427 E Colorado Ave, Studio 244, open studios every First Friday

Ewe and Me- A Yarn Boutique -1045 K Garden of the Gods, hand-dyed yarns, classes

Nikki’s Knots– 761 Gold Hill Place, Woodland Park, hand-dyed yarns
Sweet Williams Antique Mall– 2109 Broadway Street, Colorado Springs  Booth #39, vintage furniture, wares, electronics, and funky finds!   (the moose is not for sale)
coloRADo springs, coloRADo

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