An Honor!


I have been given the opportunity to show my textile arts at The Fine Arts Center in the Art Deco Lounge. It is such an immense honor! You can view my work and show support February 2 to March 31st! My work is displayed alongside the amazing Felicia Kelly, of whom I have worked with many times in the past and couldn’t be more thrilled to share this joyous experience.

My artist statement:

Knitting is not just yarn and sticks. It’s fiber from a living thing, color that evokes emotion, and a design that comes from inspiration, tradition, and cleverness. It takes skill, patience, and time to become a knitter. My passion for being a textile artist is parallel to my passion for the Earth and what it gives us to use in life and in art. I am an educational advocate for each process involved in knitting, from the sheep to the shirt, or the llama, camel, alpaca, rabbit, hemp or cotton plant.

Knitting is typically seen as craft. Not necessarily a granny sitting behind an ever-growing afghan, crafting a functional piece of art, stitch by stitch by stitch—though it can be. Knitting is the forming of a tactile piece that is a conglomeration of craft, art, function, history, visual stimulation, messaging, and design.  It is a constant and a necessity in my life to create emotional and tasteful beauty.

My current body of work examines the interplay between the function of a knitted piece and the visual and conceptual experience of its viewer.

March 2nd is the next First Friday. Come have a glass of wine with me and talk about art!

2018 is amazing!!!


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